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San Marco

Florence, Italy

2018: 1st Quarter

Madame John’s Legacy

New Orleans, LA

2018: 2nd Quarter

Église Sainte-Radegonde de Talmont

Talmont-sur-Gironde, France

2018: 3rd Quarter

Zion Lutheran Church

Fredricksburg, Texas

2018: 4th Quarter

Église Notre-Dame la Grande

Poitiers, France

2017: 1st Quarter

Ely Cathedral

Ely, England

2017: 2nd Quarter

Church of Échillais

Échillais, France

2017: 3rd Quarter

Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre

Saintes, France

2017: 4th Quarter

Hurva Synagogue

Jerusalem, Israel

2016: 1st Quarter

Church of Our Lady of the Holy Spasm

Jerusalem, Israel

2016: 2nd Quarter

Kidwelly Castle

Wales, United Kingdom

2016: 3rd Quarter

Normandy Chapel

Normandy, France

2016: 4th Quarter

Castillo de San Marcos

St. Augustine, Florida

2015: 1st Quarter

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona, Arizona

2015: 2nd Quarter

Roux Library

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

2015: 3rd Quarter

Chapel of the Flagellation

Via Dolorosa, Muslim Quarter of Old Jerusalem, Israel

2015: 4th Quarter

Lucky Pierre’s

735 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA

2014: 1st Quarter

Palm House

Kew Botanical Gardens, London

2014: 2nd Quarter

Fort Pike

New Orleans, LA

2014: 3rd Quarter

Memorial Presbyterian Church

St. Augustine, FL

2014: 4th Quarter

Temple Mount West Wall

Jerusalem, Israel

2013: 1st Quarter

Coutances Cathedral

Normandy, France

2013: 2nd Quarter

Lantern of Coutances Cathedral

Coutances, Normandy, France

2013: 3rd Quarter

Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher

Jerusalem, Israel

2013: 4th Quarter

Lower Pontalba Apartments

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA

2012: 1st Quarter

Cabildo, Jackson Square

New Orleans, LA

2012: 2nd Quarter

Watson Fine Arts Building, FSC

Lakeland, FL

2012: 3rd Quarter

Annie Pfieffer Chapel, FSC

Lakeland, Florida

2012: 4th Quarter

Grace United Methodist Church

St. Augustine, Florida

2011: 1st Quarter

Oak Alley Plantation

Vacherie, LA

2011: 2nd Quarter

Madewood Plantation

Napoleonville, LA

2011: 3rd Quarter

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica

New Orleans, LA

2011: 4th Quarter

Cadet Chapel, USAF Academy

Colorado, USA

2010: 1st Quarter

Citadel de Quebec

Québec City, Québec, Canada

2010: 2nd Quarter

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro

San Juan, Puerto Rico

2010: 3rd Quarter

Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida

2010: 4th Quarter

Taula and Talaiot

Menorca, Spain

2009: 1st Quarter

Mezquita Cathedral

Córdoba, Spain

2009: 2nd Quarter


Granada, Spain

2009: 3rd Quarter

Sant' Apollinare in Classe

Ravenna, Italy

2009: 4th Quarter

Tránsito Sinagoga

Toledo, Spain

2008: 1st Quarter

Sinagoga de Santa Maria La Blanca

Toledo, Spain

2008: 2nd Quarter

Salon Rico, Madinat al-Zahra

Andalucia, Spain

2008: 3rd Quarter

Cathedrale de Notre Dame

Paris, France

2008: 4th Quarter

Villa Rotunda

Vicenza, Italy

2007: 1st Quarter

Palazzo Ducale

Venice, Italy

2007: 2nd Quarter

Ponte di Rialto

Venice, Italy

2007: 3rd Quarter

San Vitale

Ravenna, Italy

2007: 4th Quarter

Castillo de San Cristobal

San Juan, Puerto Rico

2006: 1st Quarter

Castillo del Morro

San Juan, Puerto Rico

2006: 2nd Quarter

Casa Mila

Barcelona, Spain

2006: 3rd Quarter

San Marco

Venice, Italy

2006: 4th Quarter

Cathedral de Ciutadella

Menorca, Spain

2005: 1st Quarter

Palazzo Pitti

Florence, Italy

2005: 2nd Quarter

No Newsletter

Due To Hurricane Katrina

2005: 3rd Quarter

No Newsletter

Due To Hurricane Katrina

2005: 4th Quarter

Basillique of Saint Remi

Reims, France

2004: 1st Quarter

Cajun House

Evangeline State Park near St. Martinville, LA

2004: 2nd Quarter

Knossus Palace

Knossus, Crete

2004: 3rd Quarter

Iglesia de Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

2004: 4th Quarter

Natural History Museum

London, England

2003: 1st Quarter

Hotel de Sully

Paris, France

2003: 2nd Quarter


Wilshire, England

2003: 3rd Quarter

St. Paul's Cathedral

London, England

2003: 4th Quarter

Firth of Forth Bridge

Edinburgh, Scotland

2002: 1st Quarter

Reliance Building

Chicago, Illinois

2002: 2nd Quarter

Nottoway Plantation

Iberville Parish, Louisiana

2002: 3rd Quarter

Durham Cathedral

Durham, England

2002: 4th Quarter

Shadows on the Teche

New Iberia, Louisiana

2001: 1st Quarter

Notre Dame de Fourviere

Lyon, France

2001: 2nd Quarter

Place des Vosges

Paris, France

2001: 3rd Quarter

King's College Chapel

Cambridge University, England

2001: 4th Quarter

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Milan, Italy

2000: 1st Quarter

Panteon National

Santo Domingo, Republica de Dominica

2000: 2nd Quarter

Arch of Titus

Rome, Italy

2000: 3rd Quarter

St. Pierre Cathedral

Lisieaux, France

2000: 4th Quarter

Santa Maria Novella

Florence, Italy

1999: 1st Quarter

Mesa Verde Tower

Mesa Verde, Colorado

1999: 2nd Quarter

Palazzo Medici

Florence, Italy

1999: 3rd Quarter

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury, England

1999: 4th Quarter

Kolomenskaya Estate

Moscow, Russia

1998: 1st Quarter

Nimes Amphitheater

Nîmes, France

1998: 2nd Quarter

St. Brides Church

London, England

1998: 3rd Quarter

Bath Abbey

Bath, England

1998: 4th Quarter

Frank Lloyd Wright Studio

Oak Park, Illinois

1997: 1st Quarter

Amiens Cathedral

Amiens, France

1997: 2nd Quarter

B'Nai Sholom Synagogue

Huntsville, Alabama

1997: 3rd Quarter

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos, Spain

1997: 4th Quarter

Notre Dame

Rheims, France

1996: 1st Quarter

Coutances Cathedral

Coutances, France

1996: 2nd Quarter

Glessner Residence

Chicago, Illinois

1996: 3rd Quarter

Beauvais Cathedral

Beauvais, France

1996: 4th Quarter

Wainwright Building

St. Louis, MO

1995: 1st Quarter

Unity Temple, Oak Park

Oak Park, Illinois

1995: 2nd Quarter

Arco de Santa Maria, Burgos

Castile, Spain

1995: 3rd Quarter

Westminster Abbey

London, England

1995: 4th Quarter

Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal

Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico

1994: 1st Quarter

Norman Farmhouse

LeHavre, Normandy, France

1994: 2nd Quarter

Robie House

Chicago, Illinois

1994: 3rd Quarter

Notre Dame sur l'Eau Domfront

Domfront, Normandy, France

1994: 4th Quarter

Gaineswood Plantation

Demopolis, Alabama

1993: 1st Quarter

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres, France

1993: 2nd Quarter

Chateau de Menthon

Annecy, France

1993: 3rd Quarter

St. Basil's Cathedral

Moscow, Russia

1993: 4th Quarter

Athens Treasury

Delphi, Greece

1992: 1st Quarter


Athens, Greece

1992: 2nd Quarter

San Francisco Plantation

Reserve, Louisiana

1992: 3rd Quarter

Notre Dame

Paris, France

1992: 4th Quarter

Palace of the Governors, Uxmal

Yucatan, Mexico

1991: 1st Quarter

Pont du Gard

Nimes, France

1991: 2nd Quarter

Mirimah Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey

1991: 3rd Quarter

Abbey St. George

Normandy, France

1991: 4th Quarter

Castillo Chichen Itza

Yucatan, Mexico

1990: 1st Quarter

Temple Amun Mut Khonsu, Luxor

Luxor, Egypt

1990: 2nd Quarter

Suleymaniye Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey

1990: 3rd Quarter

Cathedral Campanile

Pisa, Italy

1990: 4th Quarter

Hagia Sophia

Istanbul, Turkey

1989: 1st Quarter

Tomb Seshem Nefer

Gizeh, Egypt

1989: 2nd Quarter

Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

Baalbek, Lebanon

1989: 3rd Quarter

La Sainte Chappelle

Paris, France

1989: 4th Quarter

Temple of Hera

Paestum, Italy

1988: 1st Quarter


Athens, Greence

1988: 2nd Quarter

Gizeh Pyramids

Cairo, Egypt

1988: 3rd Quarter

Abbey of St. Denis

Paris, France

1988: 4th Quarter