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Established in 1968, Ehlinger & Associates specializes in the design of commercial, educational, industrial, and institutional facilities.

As one of the first firms in the South to produce all drawings via CADD in 1982, E&A has remained on the cutting edge of technology ever since, utilizing high-quality systems, software and databases for structural and civil analysis and design, job cost estimating, master specifications, and research.

E&A is the leader in forensic architectural services in the south. With over twenty-five years of experience providing expert witness and litigation support, substantiation, documentation, and design fixes for building failures, we are uniquely qualified to not only identify the root causes of your persistent building failure, but to have them resolved once and for all.

Such experience includes resolution of:

Click here to examine our forensic architecture experience in detail.

What may seem like a "small leak" can be an indicator of a much larger systemic failure that will only grow over time, so if your facilities have persistent problems, let us know about it as soon as possible so we can help you!

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